Remote Drones Make Aerial Imagery Affordable

Traditionally, real estate agents obtain aerial photography using airplanes and helicopters, which can cost hundreds, if not thousands of $/£/Euro per flight and limit the number of properties one can afford to shoot. Drones can significantly cut the cost of shooting elevated imagery in jurisdictions that the use is permitted— viable models start at a few hundred dollars, and camera attachments are similarly moderately priced — and they enable one to use the aerial footage on many more listings, regardless of price range.

Depending on your requirements we can help to shoot stills, video or both. We can also edit and either upload them in our Vimeo or YouTube account or alternatively on the cloud for you to link to. Drone operation mostly requires a steady hand and a cool head and potentially a licensed pilot depending on your location .

Drone Aerial Videos

This is essential to getting the best price for properties that the surrounding area can help selling the property. Spectacular aerial video shot in super high definition 4K published on Vimeo or private cloud. We also provide you with editing facility and the video prices include superb colour enhancing, sound track, your contact information how they are positioned in the video so one can increase the potential for getting the sale.

Drone Aerial Photography

Stunning high resolution aerial photos shot from low to high elevation to truly showcase your listing (shot by former Time, Glamour, and Sunset magazine photographer). Infrared photography can also be done to show insulation level of the property.

Interior video addition

Floating like very high end motion picture through entire home like a bird. State of the art technology and Hollywood’s finest way to showcase the interior of a home.

Custom voiceover narrations are also available.

Special package rates call for details

Travel fees may apply to long distance shoots.

Fees due at time of shoot.


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