Zoopla Properties Review:

British obsession with property has meant that sites such as Zoopla, RightMove, Prime Properties and more have grown very large to cater for the British appreciation of their home and their neighbourhood. This is because most people that are just curious about their property prices and want to check out what is around go to these sites to find out the latest new properties in their area or checkout the prices on the ForSale signs they see driving around. The most popular and comprehensive property for sale and to rent site in the UK is Right move and has also got an iPhone app.  Please note that we are not associated with Zoopla and if you wish to link directly then please click here.

Zoopla Property Database:

Zoopla has 388,744 houses and flats for sale across the UK from thousands of local estate agents, and a unique set of house-hunting tools on offer Zoopla can help you improve your chances in the property market like no other. Zoopla.co.uk got all bases covered by listing thousands of new homes developed by leading homebuilders, hundreds of thousands of overseas properties in addition to zoopla's new online property auctions service.

Find out more about Zoopla:

Zoopla range of unique buyer's tools, features, and Zoopla's active community of users to help you buy your dream property. Find out more about our range of unique renter's tools, features, and our active community of users to help you rent the perfect home. Zoopla.co.uk is the UK's most comprehensive property website, focused on empowering consumers with the resources they need to make better-informed property decisions. We help our users make sense of the residential property market by combining property listings with market value data, local information and community tools.

Zoopla.co.uk and RightMove.co.uk:

Rightmove.co.uk in the past was the UK's number one property website. However, that does not seem to be true any longer. With Zoopla aggressive on-line and TV advertising, the have moved up very much. We dont have exact data but think that they are near enough equal in both number of properties and in search. Zoopla like Rightmove is not an estate agents but they aim to be the main Property place for All UK home movers to find details of all ukproperties available to buy or rent and make their UK property Database number one in the country.

Notes about our site:

Please note that in this page we are using legal iFrame to present you an easy way of browsing all the property related sites to search for properties in UK. We are not Zoopla and if you wish to open the site directly please click here zoopla.co.uk And furthermore please note we are not Zoopla Partner or Associates and we are only trying to make your life easier to search for properties in UK or Europe with ability to search all the properties from all the agents under one roof.  We will however in the next two months use more of Zoopla's tools to bring you more of their great property details to properties.co.uk.

Zoopla Homes for Sale and To Let

Zoopla Homes database is growing fast and IMHO will probably be No One Property Portal in the next year. The prediction is mainly due to the new tools they offer as widgets here. This allows other providers and Estate Agents to list properties from Zoopla Database so to encourager them to support Zoopla more than other providers.


Search options The front page offers the same options as Onthemarket – you choose your postcode/area plus max and min price, type of property and number of bedrooms. You can refine the search on the results page, and even include a keyword in your search - for example if you had your heart set on a converted church you could tailor the results to find one.

Detailed page or the Results Once you land on a property you can get details of local stations and schools, and the crime rate, as well as Zoopla data for average prices and market trends. You get a listing history showing when the property was added to the site and what price it went on for, and can see how many other people have looked at it in the past 30 days.

Extra features From the front page you can search using details of your favoured commute instead of a location to live in – you fill in details of where you work, how far you are willing to travel and how, and it makes suggestions. There are local residents’ ratings of an area on the results pages, and info on average asking prices for different types of property in the neighbourhood. You can also order your search by the “most reduced” if you like to hunt for bargains.

For Mobile user There’s an app and a mobile-version of the website.

Onthemarket has the easiest mobile site to do a quick search on, but the other two have very straightforward apps. The new site has fewer properties and less background information currently.