On The Market Review:

British obsession with property has meant that sites such as OnTheMarket, Zoopla, RightMove, Prime Properties and more have grown very large to cater for the British appreciation of their home and their neighbourhood. This is because most people that are just curious about their property prices and want to check out what is around go to these sites to find out the latest new properties in their area or checkout the prices on the ForSale signs they see driving around. The most popular and comprehensive property for sale and to rent site in the UK is Right move and has also got an iPhone app. Please note that we are not associated with Zoopla and if you wish to link directly then please click here.


OnTheMarket was launched in January 2015, OnTheMarket.com is the new and simple way to search for property. “On The Market” aims to provide all potential buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants with an exceptional property search service for all the properties on the market.

The On TheMarket technology is state-of-the-art and our website will seamlessly adapt to fit all screen sizes. On The Market hopes, when you search OnTheMarket.com, you'll enjoy onthemarket’s cleaner, fresher, more focused approach. No irritating ads, no unnecessary information, no spam mail and no nonsense. Just hundreds of thousands of beautifully presented homes for sale or for rent at all price points across the UK. What's more, as a mutual business without external shareholders, we will ensure that our focus remains on continuously improving the search experience.

More and more estate and letting agents have been moving all their properties from other websites to advertise at On The Market.com and are choosing to launch their new properties exclusively at ONTHEMARKET site first. If you're looking to buy or rent, give yourself a head start and make sure you don't miss out on properties you won't find anywhere else, set up a property alert today using their OnTheMarket.com alert features.

And if you're selling or letting a property, choosing an agent who is a member of OnTheMarket.com means that your property will not be mixed in with homes being marketed by remotely located, part service "internet-only" operators or directly by private sellers or landlords.

Every property you see at OnTheMarket.com is on the market with full-service, office-based estate or letting agents who are experts in their local area. So whether you're looking to buy or let or rent or sell, we're in business to improve the way you search.


Total number of homes for sale None of the sites advertise a figure for the total number of properties listed, so we looked to see what was available on a local level. Zoopla makes this easiest, showing exact figures for England downwards, but Rightmove and Onthemarket favour the more opaque “1000+”

Search options At first it’s not easy to see how big your search area is if you search on a postcode – there’s no option to choose “within half-a-mile” or similar on the front page, but you get the option on the results page.From the front page you can choose max and min price, type of property and number of bedrooms, then narrow that search down on the results page. The filters are tailored to match the results, which is neat, and you can opt to narrow your search to a houseboat or off-plan apartment, which means a more directed search than the others offer.

Detailed page or results For each property you get a page with photos, details, agents’ contact information - just as you would expect. You can see the property on a map, look at it on Streetview and see a list of recent sold prices nearby. You can choose to see schools and stations on the map.

Extra features

There’s a separate section to search for sold prices and the data goes back a long way – if you search for your own postcode and found how much homes had changed hands since 1995. The more recent sales give a useful picture of the market, but for nosiness the historic prices are interesting to have. There’s a blog with advice on buying and renting,

Mobile app is to follow The site is responsive and the mobile-version of the site is easy to navigate and quick to load.