About Properties.co.uk

Welcome to Properties.co.uk We plan to allow you to search for Properties sell or rent your properties or any other related businesses that operates under Properties.co.uk umbrella. The need for this is due to the fact that there is not one single source of properties for sale or rent in this country. Therefore anyone searching is required to go to different sites and doing searches for their particular location. We are therefore creating an environment to allow you to reach first class providers for UK public.

Established in 1995, Properties.co.uk has had visions to service the property industry give property owners as well as small estate agencies low cost solutions, we endeavour to also provide medium for estate agents to be able to advertise their properties on the internet through the larger portal search engines like Right Move or PropertyFinder or any other up and coming portal.

In 2004 we shifted our intentions with sole purpose of providing property related web solutions to the UK property market. The old business model was not focused to deliver strong enough solution to the complex, convoluted property market in UK. However, recently we have identified the need to relaunch the brand for business community as well as end users who wanted to improve the effectiveness of their networking or the exposure to their product offering.

We have now therefore decided to set up Properties.co.uk which would focus on:
  • Allowing users to look for product and services under a single portal
  • Continue to enhance existing applications as well as new ones to make user to be more productive in their search for related products and services.
  • Making the networking process itself more effective
  • Maximising the opportunities not only for each member but also collaborative groups of members to gain new business
  • To motivate, support and guide businesses to maximise their potential
  • Recognition as the 'first choice' and 'one stop shop' for all local and regional property business service needs
In addition, Properties.co.uk - with the support of its membership - has pledged to provide help and support any UK charities in a way that makes a real difference.


Business Development Director

Salar Golestanian a serial entrepreneur absurdly enthusiastic about technology, science and finance. A technology evangelist for Blockchain implementation into Supply Chain, Real Estate as well as modern Agri solution for the developing world. Salar has a robust science and mathematics background with a PhD in Physics as well as a talent for marketing, finance, design, and software technology. Salar has over 30 years of experience in building technology, software companies, and a knack for consulting, incubating and marketing a large number of design and technology and natural resources start-ups such as the recently launched Remote Explore using drone technology to in surveying Oil, and gas, Mining and renewable asset and use the data for evaluation or marketing collateral. Salar has a Bachelor of Science and MPhil & PhD in Physics & worked for many years as a software developer and currently, live with his wife Nikki and three children in Surrey, near London. Salar is perpetually on the lookout for new opportunities in financing Natural Resources, Blockchain & other technology sectors.

You can still profit from property investment?

The economic trends in the world today marks the rise and fall of the real estate industry leaders. A number of Banks, Lenders and property developers are doing hectic infrastructure activity to meet the growing demands of the residential commercial property market. However, the fall in certain sectors is balanced by the rise in others. A wise investor will move fast to ensure steady growth in the long run.

Properties.co.uk was established because we observed that there was a fundamental need to create a community for people involved in property investment. We believe that communication and education are critically important in enabling investors to maximise the potential returns on their investments, as well as being able to identify and manage the potential risks and find professionals quickly in fast changing global property market.

We have also created a One Stop Shop for all your Property Maintenance needs. As experts in the field with many years in the business, our objective is simple: to provide a superior service at a very competitive price. We manage all aspects of property maintenance from simple repairs to complete refurbishment projects. Our plumbers, engineers, handymen, decorators, and builders are on hand to assist.

At Properties.co.uk we will install your new boiler, refurbish your bathroom or kitchen, install a Velux, replace a washer or hang a picture. A large proportion of our business comes from referrals and repeat business, therefore, making you a happy customer is our top priority.

Our sole objective is to help individuals create wealth and achieve financial independence and security through increasing value of your investment in residential and commercial propertiest in areas around the world that is guaranteed to grow in the foreseeable future.

Our Portal will also offer powerful and practical web tools to enable you to build a UK property portfolio as profitably and quickly as possible, with appropriate consideration of potential risks.

We make the following promises to you: We will enhance our portal bring you the most cutting-edge research and investment thinking from around the globe with the attempt to identify and show you the way to pick the hottest markets around the world that are untouched by the current slump in the property market in North America and parts of Europe. 

We're no ordinary property service company

Our aim is to provide quality property services throughout the South East and South West. We strive to offer competitive rates for all works including all forms of residential and commercial building projects, conversions, extensions, refurbishment, restoration works, targeted maintenance and much more. However, in 2017 our focus is Surrey and South London.

The company prides itself on being able to obtain repeat business and we have a worthy reputation for working hard to provide excellent service for all previous, current and future clients.  Our expanding team will include architects, interior designers, town planners, surveyors and construction managers who can be trusted to make the most of every opportunity. Together with our brand and sales and marketing teams, specialise in creating and delivering the best scheme for every individual site and community.

We are recruiting highly experienced builders and we plan to offer the complete range of services required when planning a new building from scratch, including recommending and liaising with architects, dealing with planning applications, building regulation compliance, project management and, of course, continuous communication with the client.
New builds will require a project manager on site constantly, overseeing the progress, making decisions and solving problems. We recognise that time is money and make sure the project keeps moving on. 

What has changed since 2008 in property investment world

Traditionally, to be a successful property investor you must be armed with clear and effective property investment strategies. When to buy? Where to buy? When to sell? How to finance your portfolio? How to buy below market value? What are the risks and how can I manage them? How can I make money in a market that is flat or falling? What are the rules of engagements in parts of the world where I know little about, yet I can see that it is moving.

Future Developments

We plan to allow you to Search for Properties with us or outside our data source. Sell or rent your properties or any other property related businesses to operate under Properties.co.uk umbrella. The need for this is due to the fact that there is not one single source of properties for sale or rent in this country. Therefore, currently it is required to go to different sites and doing searches for their particular location.

Selling your own property yourself is worth a try when you find that your local agents have tried and not succeeded. Through tradition, people have used Estate Agents to locate a buyer for their home. Now time has change! More and more people use the internet to find their property. Letting your home is also possible through our system. We are therefore able to offer a unique service that enables you to take control of the sale for small subscription fee.

UK has a strong tradition in Europe in attracting property professionals and leading the Europe in Property related business. Yet we don’t have a truly Multi-Language Portal. Here at properties.co.uk we intend to use best technologies to deliver the content in major European Languages. Please see how the page gets translated to most of the popular languages around the world.

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