A substantial investment of €2.5 million in Real Estate Investment that can generate income whilst giving the investor and immediate family an EU Passport within 3 months. The solution will allow Live, Work, Study anywhere in EU.

I met up with the team a few weeks ago and I was impressed with their confidence. They maintained that the Cyprus team are so confident in their approval rate and process that a money-back guarantee is offered to clients if Citizenship is not received.

The benefits include;

  • Live, work and study anywhere in the EU, including UK
  • For investor, spouse and children up to 28 years old*
  • No minimum stay requirement
  • Same rights as any European Citizen
  • Visa – Free Travel to 170 + countries
  • Offers an effective tool for family and tax planning
  • Offers insurance against political instability
  • Cyprus has 0% Inheritance Tax
  • Access to the best healthcare + Education in the world
  • Cyprus allows Multiple Citizenship
  • Very simple application process

The investment process involves a local Real Estate Investment of €2.5 Million in cyprus, with a typical portfolio will contain 5 or 6 properties with circa 3% Guaranteed Rental Return each year for 5 years.

2 Million Euro of the purchased properties can be sold after 3 years. With one or two of the properties with a minimum of 500,000 Euro total cost must be retained for duration of citizenship. The company provides the best market value portfolios.

How does it work?

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